What’s the difference between dry-type and oil-immersed transformers

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Detailed explanation of the difference between dry-type transformers and oil-immersed transformers Dry-type transformers use air to dissipate heat, and oil-immersed transformers use oil as a medium to dissipate heat. When it comes to the difference between dry-type transformers and oil-immersed transformers, we must also pay attention to the power comparison between the two. The former has […]

What are the dry-type transformer models

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Dry-type Transformer Model List Dry-type transformer: It relies on air convection for cooling, and is generally used for local lighting and electronic circuits. Transformers such as mechanical equipment, in the power system, general steam turbine transformers, boiler transformers, ash removal transformers, dust removal transformers, desulfurization transformers, etc. are all dry-type transformers, with transformation ratios of […]