Seven Technical parameters of Pad-mounted Transformers

The Complete Pad-mounted Liquid Filled Compartmental Transformer Guide

About the small knowledge of pad-mounted transformers, here are the seven technical parameters of pad-mounted transformers, including short-circuit capacity (kVA), rated current (kV), rated voltage (A) and other parameters for your reference.

1. Short-circuit capacity (kVA): rated current. The capacity that can be transported under continuous operation at rated voltage.

Loop Feed Pad Mounted Transformer

2. Rated current (kV): The working frequency that the transformer can bear during long-term operation. In order to meet the needs of power grid working voltage transformation, the high-voltage side of the transformer often has tap plugs, and the output working voltage of the low-voltage side is adjusted according to the number of turns of the high-voltage winding coil.

3. Rated voltage (A): The amount of voltage allowed for long-term passage of the transformer under short-circuit capacity.

4. Full load loss (kW): When the rated current of the rated frequency is released on the terminal of a winding, the active power required when the other windings lead the way. It is related to the characteristics of the iron core ferrite core, the manufacturing process, and the released working voltage.

5. Full load current (%): When the transformer is fully loaded again at the rated current, the current amount based on the winding resistance. It is usually expressed as a percentage of the rated voltage.

6. Load loss (kW): The output power consumed by the transformer when the transformer is short-circuited again and the rated voltage is entered at the tapping position of the rated value of the transformer.

7. Characteristic impedance working voltage (%): When the transformer’s re-winding short-circuit fault occurs, the working voltage is gradually increased in one winding, and when the short-circuit capacity of the re-winding is equivalent to the rated current, then one side is released Working voltage. It is generally expressed as a percentage of the rated current.

The above are the seven technical parameters of the pad-mounted transformers, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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