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Daelim Belefic is always committed to providing competitive services.

Daelim Belefic's strengths and capabilities

As an experienced company with independent R&D capabilities, Daelim belefic can not only provide reliable quality products but also customize projects according to customer needs. We have served hundreds of customers and successful projects are spread all over the world.

Usually, we will entrust an experienced design agency to participate in the design of the project. According to the basic information provided by the customer, relevant parameters and analysis data are collected. After confirming the correctness and rationality, complete the feasibility report and start the basic design; in the case of ensuring the safety and reliability of the design, save the cost for the customer as much as possible.

At the same time, our project managers and engineers will search from the past successful case library, find and compare similar projects, and optimize the design plan based on the experience of the past projects, and use this as a basis to improve the project design, So as to improve the success rate of the project, reduce accidents and the resulting losses.

Through our analysis, you can obtain correct and reasonable design parameters, lay an objective prerequisite for the next design steps, and ensure the scientificity and cost-effectiveness of the design. The high-quality engineer team of the design institute can conduct full technical exchanges with you, and submit excellent design schemes according to your requirements, supervise and manage the project implementation for you, and control the quality, construction period, and cost.

When a project starts, you need to...

During this whole process, you don’t have to have any worries and worries about the project at all, because our professional team will use professional skills and services to escort your project. What you only need to do is caring about the following:

(1) Project overview

Mainly related to project characteristics, construction site characteristics, construction conditions, etc.

(2) Construction plan

Covers the overall construction sequence and confirmation of the construction process, mainly including division of labor classification, construction method selection, construction period division, construction machinery selection, technical and organizational measures preparation, etc.

(3) Construction progress

Mainly related to the division of labor and construction period, total labor, number of affected machinery, number of construction teams, daily shifts, construction period, etc. during the construction process.

(4) Construction preparation and work plan

mainly including technical preparation, site preparation, preparation of mechanical equipment, tools, materials, parts, and semi-finished products, and preparation of pre-construction work plan.

(5) Construction plan

mainly includes construction machinery layout, temporary processing site, materials, component warehouse, storage yard, temporary water supply, power supply network, temporary roads, temporary facilities, etc.


We know that winning the trust of customers is a very difficult challenge, but it is also the most valuable thing. The only way is to do a good job of every product and ensure the success of every project.

Here, you can see the projects that we have successfully completed before, and refer to them whether there are any parts that you are satisfied with? Believe that we can give you the answer you want.




Furnace Transformer operating in Chemistry Factory


American type Pad Mounted Transformer in SolarPlant


Power Transformer operating in power substation


69kV Power Transformer in power substation


69kV mobile substation operating in Ecuador


Single Phase Pad Mounted Transformer operating in CoffeeFarm


Singe phase pole mounted transformers operating in Canada


110kV power transformer operating in power substation


Pole Mounted Distribution Transformer in NewGuinea


Cast Resin Dry type transformer in airport