10 kv Oil Filled Transformer

Fault Diagnosis and Analysis of 10 kv Oil Filled Transformer 10 kv Oil filled transformer is a key equipment for power distribution, and its failure will have a serious impact on the safe and stable operation of the power grid. This paper takes a 10 kv Oil immersed transformer fault as an example, through insulation […]

padmounted transformer

Padmounted Transformer in Construction Work The pad mounted transformer is widely used in electrical engineering due to its unique advantages. This paper analyses the technical characteristics of the padmounted transformer based on a large amount of literature and carries out research on the use of the padmounted transformer in the field of construction engineering. The […]

solar thermal power plant

Nine Q&As About The Solar Thermal Power Plant Daelim is the top Chinese brand of electrical solutions. Daelim provides high-quality products in the budget-friendly price range. This is why, in only a few short years, Daelim has established its place among the best electrical producers locally and internationally. If you are in need of the electrical solutions, depend […]

66kv transformer

66kv Transformer Fault Analysis For a 66kV transformer secondary winding deformation fault case, we elaborated and analyzed the whole process of 66 kv transformer from oil chromatography routine test finding abnormality to tracking and monitoring, then to power outage diagnostic test, and finally to return to the plant to locate the fault point by lifting […]

transformer bushing

Distribution Transformer Bushing Casing Insulation Degradation Diagnosis In this paper, the author introduces a 500kV main transformer bushing with abnormal dielectric loss, and theoretically analyzes the abnormal dielectric loss in the process of disassembly and testing. The results of the analysis show that the main cause of the abnormal dielectric loss is aging, which provides […]