1.5 MVA Transformer, The Ultimate Guide

In layman’s terms, transformers change the amount of electricity a circuit has into a lower or higher voltage. Generally, a 1.5 MVA transformer sends large amounts of electrical energy over long distances of around hundreds of kilometers. 

Electricity has always been a vital part of our everyday lives. Scientists and electrical engineers have been trying to find new ways to make and deliver electricity over long distances. This is what a transformer does. Their ability to deliver large amounts of electricity over thousands of kilometers is a very important aspect of why we have electricity worldwide today.

Transformers are widely used in our everyday lives as they can handily change the voltage of a specific circuit. It is used in toys, doorbells, and generators. There are several ways transformers are utilized, but everyone must be knowledgeable about them.

1.5 MVA Transformer

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Pad-mounted Transformer

We can provide you single phase and three phase pad mounted transformer

Dry-type Transformer

Type:Cast resin; Rated Capacity: Up to 25MVA; Rated Voltage: Up to 36KV;

Pole Transformer

TypeCSP type Frequency: 50/60Hz; Rated Power: 5~167kva

Oil immersed transformer

Frequency: 50/60Hz Rated voltage:10kv, 20kv,30kv Rated Power: 400~2500kva

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What Is a 1.5MVA Transformer?

1.5 MVA Transformer

Going into the specifics of this transformer, it steps up voltages if you have at least 1,500 kilo-colt amperes, and it operates at a solid 50 hertz normally. A 1.5 MVA dry type transformer is static and can transfer an alternating current electrical power from one circuit to another with constant and stable frequency.

Transformers with voltage ratings higher than 150 kVA would be equipped with an alarm. This alarm triggers after a certain temperature. It must be manually stopped and suspended. A 1.5 MVA pad mount transformer is another type that is locked in a steel cabinet for the safety purposes of the user.

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1.5 MVA Transformer Specification

A 1.5MVA transformer is a phase-3 type transformer. Generally, a phase-3 transformer means three sets of primary and secondary windings. Three single-phase transformers conjoined into one. 1,500 kVA would be the highest capacity.

This transformer’s primary nominal voltage is around 415 volts. Its frequency lies around 50 hertz, and it has both aluminum and copper wires coiled around it. Additionally, it has a maximum oil capacity of 250 liters, but it has to contain TC oil only, as other types of oil might be incompatible with this transformer.

This transformer can work around 3,4, or 5-star efficiency, or level 2 or 3 efficiencies for other countries. It usually gets exported to countries such as Bangladesh, Uganda, Tanzania, Africa, India, Malaysia, Kenya, and Malawi. Also, it has a CT ratio of 100 per 5 volts and a PT ratio of 11 per 110 volts.

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Types of 1.5 MVA Transformer

A 1.5 MVA transformer usually has a power rating of 1,500 kVA. Different transformers have different purposes, such as stepping down the voltage from 11kV to 6.6kV. Usually, these transformers have a primary voltage of 11kV and a secondary voltage of 6.6kV.  

Here are some of the different types of 1.5MVA transformers:

Distribution Transformer

Distribution transformer1

This type of transformer has a specific part that shows its individuality from the other types, the transformer conservator. This conservator is cut into different parts, the corrugated conservator and the conventional conservatory. When the amount of transformer oil inside expands due to the fluctuation of oil temperatures, an oil pillow makes sure that the container is always full of oil. 

This type of transformer is usually transported toward continents such as Africa, Asia, and the Americas. As with its huge size, it is usually delivered only three months after the order has been made.


Oil Immersed1

Compared to the distribution transformer, an oil-immersed transformer has a primary voltage level of 33 kV and a secondary voltage of 3.3kV. The regulation could be either on-load or off-circuit. It could be a single or a three-phase transformer, and it operates in the range of 50 to 60 hertz. 

When installing this transformer, its altitude should not exceed 1km above sea level, and the temperature should only be below 40 degrees centigrade.

Oil-immersed transformers are usually made out of high-quality rubber sealing material, which prevents the transformers from aging or leakage. This transformer also works better as it is thoroughly clean and filtered, resulting in less water, gas, and impurities.


Step Down transformer

This type of transformer contains a power rating of 1.5 MVA to 50MVA and has a voltage level of 3.3kV to 66kV. Like other 1.5MVA transformers, this type operates at 50 to 60 hertz. Additionally, its vector group could lie between either single-phase or three-phase, with a possibility of delta or star connections within any of its component windings.

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1.5 MVA Transformer Power for Mining

1.5 MVA Transformer

A 1.5MVA transformer is a common mining power supply because it can deliver the need for high power for mining while also scaling down to lower power needs when needed. 

The 1.5MVA transformer has been used in past years to power entire small towns, so it is more than capable of operating a Bitcoin mining power system. 1.5 MVA is a lot of power, but it is still a manageable size for most mining applications. 

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What is the purpose of grounding a transformer?

As with most 1.5MVA transformers, the 3-phase transformers can be connected via star or Delta. Delta-connected ones cannot be grounded as there is no neutral ground. It’s recommended to ground a star-connected transformer as when the time comes when a fault occurs on the secondary side, the unbalanced currents have a way to flow out.

How can we minimize the core losses in a transformer?

Losses are inevitable when inputting power into a transformer. Some of it is lost in compensating for the important core losses, while the other part is lost as heat through its windings. These losses usually vary with the number of windings and core losses inside the transformer. 

Here are some of the types of transformer losses and how to lessen them:

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Dielectric loss

This type of loss is usually seen in the insulation of the transformer. If the insulation gets damaged, it greatly hinders the performance of the entire system. An effective way to reduce this is to check the oil and maintain insulation quality regularly.

Stray loss

These are produced inside by a leakage flux. Your transformer may be suffering from stray loss when you hear buzzing or humming noises near the transformer. Users can usually avoid this type of loss by utilizing thin sheets of insulated iron.

What is the relationship between frequency and a transformer?

Having a lower frequency for your transformer would mean that it would have a lower impedance. This would mean that your transformer would be less efficient but would have more power. It all depends on what you need at the moment.

Can you use transformers in mining Bitcoin?

Mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is an extremely energy-exhaustive task for a system, so you would need a lot of energy to correlate to your crypto farm power. A company’s 1.5 MVA transformer may be very beneficial in giving you enough power for mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in general.

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Transformers are very important in our world today as they are responsible for delivering huge amounts of energy between large distances with minimal loss. DAELIM has been one of the leading manufacturers of transformers. Their ideals would ensure that DAELIM EDGE+ ADVANTAGE holds your 1.5 MVA transformer to the highest standards.

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