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Due to age, operating environment and technical operation, transformers solution for school is prone to operational failures caused by structural defects, insulation defects, device damage, etc. This study takes the transformer failures in a school over the past five years as an example, analyses common problems in transformers solution for school maintenance, identifies considerations in handling noise, automatic tripping, abnormal oil level, insulation discharge and winding failures, and carries out targeted operation and maintenance prevention and control, with the aim of reducing the number of transformer failures and improving the quality of electricity used on campus.

As a densely populated public place, schools have high requirements for the quality of electricity. Once a power outage has occurred, it can easily affect the order of teaching on campus and the normal life of teachers and students, so comprehensive attention needs to be paid in the daily maintenance process. In particular, it is important to grasp the characteristics of common problems in transformers solution for school maintenance and to set up effective solutions to reduce the failure rate of campus power outages.

A transformers solution for school with a capacity of 400kva, model S9-400/10, installed next to the distribution room on campus, has been in use since 2004, with a long age and frequent fault outages. The investigation data shows that from January 2017 to January 2022, the transformer was abnormal 58 times, mainly manifested as noise, automatic tripping, abnormal oil level, insulation discharge and winding failure.

Among them, there are 2 serious accidents, which are phase short circuit caused by insulator burning and lightning strike caused by transformer insulation breakdown, and the total fault outage time reaches 18.3h, which largely affects the safety quality of campus electricity, and the analysis and prevention and control should be done in the process of transformer maintenance for the above problems, which are as follows.

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Transformers solution for school appear noise strange sound

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transformers solution for school often for outdoor transformers, operating environment is relatively harsh, in the operation of uncoordinated, parts performance problems, etc., is likely to issue “squeak”, “ow”, “crackle”, “crackle”, “crackle”, “crackle”, “crackle”, “crackle”. “crackling”, “buzzing” and other strange noises. During the repair process, attention should be paid to the sound characteristics and the area of the noise, and corresponding treatment should be carried out, as detailed in Table 1.

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Transformers solution for school automatic tripping problem

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The automatic tripping of transformers solution for school can be found in the maintenance process, mainly due to structural defects or improper operation. The former is mostly due to unreasonable line design, substandard performance of components, internal structure is not scientific, such as transformer inlet and outlet spacing is too close, insulation coefficient is not up to standard, causing the protection of false action; insulation protection device defects, switch action is not sensitive, resulting in tripping false action, etc..

The latter is mainly caused by human errors, such as failure to carry out high voltage tests prior to installation and mandatory opening and closing of switches in accordance with operating regulations.

To avoid automatic tripping causing power cuts on campus, a back-up power supply should be set up in accordance with the electricity consumption of the University. After a transformer has tripped automatically, maintenance personnel should activate the backup power supply and then visit the site to check the transformer fault, generate a data record of the transformer tripping automatically and initially determine the cause of the transformer tripping automatically.

If the fault is caused by manual operation, the lines and devices should be checked for damage and restored item by item to make sure that the transformer is free of problems before re-powering. If the fault is caused by a structural defect, the specific problem should be addressed by adjusting the line structure or replacing damaged components and, if necessary, replacing the transformer with a new one in order to improve the safety, reliability and stability of the campus power supply.

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Abnormal oil level in transformers solution for school

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transformers solution for school is very prone to problems such as blocked oil pipes and cracked oil tanks after a long period of use, resulting in abnormal oil levels in the transformer.

In addition, when the operating temperature or ambient temperature is high, the oil level in transformers solution for school may also rise or even overflow in severe cases. All of these can affect the safety performance and reliable performance of transformers solution for school and should be dealt with as appropriate in the maintenance process.

Oil level drop

Transformer operation process oil level slightly drop, leakage amount is small, can first check transformers solution for school oil tank, oil pipe appearance situation and interface, determine whether cracked, loose, if there is a problem to replace as required;

Then, disassemble and check the valve to determine whether there are problems with the gasket and connection materials, until the leakage point is identified and the treatment is completed before putting it back into use. If the oil level drops very significantly, the amount of leakage should be measured, and if it exceeds the leakage index, TRANSFORMERS SOLUTION FOR SCHOOL should be withdrawn from operation.

Rising oil level

The problem is relatively simple to deal with, appropriate oil discharge can be, so that the oil level in the high temperature environment in the upper scale. 2020 December 7, a school transformer failure outage, maintenance process found that the transformer oil tank on the existence of flash traces, further inspection found that the casing oil leakage situation is serious, the bottom appears obvious yellow rust, and the oil tank outside the porcelain sleeve cracking.

This was judged to be a flashover after the oil leakage, resulting in an electric arc, resulting in the cracking of the porcelain sleeve, causing damage to the insulation within the casing, and the transformer failed to power down. After replacing the new casing and cleaning up the leaking oil outside the tank in accordance with the oil level drop treatment, the transformer was put back into service and the power supply was normal.

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Transformers solution for school insulation discharge problems

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Insulation defects caused by transformers solution for school faults more than 1/3 of the overall, and some of them even appear insulation discharge, resulting in the breakdown of the school transformer damage, which is more harmful to the safety of campus electricity. A school transformer insulation short circuit problem is more frequent, only in August 2021 during the more frequent precipitation period there were five flashover short circuit accidents caused by insulation protection defects.

In terms of environmental factors, the environment around transformers solution for school is more humid during thunderstorms, snowstorms and other inclement weather, and the insulation protection performance is significantly reduced, so if a flashover or lightning strike causes the insulation layer to break through, it will cause a phase-to-phase short circuit, resulting in transformer power failure or damage; in terms of use, transformers solution for school is put into operation for a longer period of time. solution for school has been in operation for a long time and lacks regular maintenance and replacement.

Especially in recent years, the campus gradually increase in electricity consumption, transformers for a long time overload operation, insulation protection aging phenomenon aggravated, it is easy to appear insulation discharge, resulting in inter-layer or inter-turn short circuit.

The general insulation discharge problem is handled by the main focus on insulation protection and oil quality control. The former focuses on the transformer’s insulation paper, insulation board, insulation sheathing, etc.

Before the transformer is put into use a high voltage test should be carried out to analyse whether there are any insulation safety hazards.

If there are no problems, insulation performance tests are carried out according to the operating conditions to strictly control the temperature of the transformer and slow down the ageing of the insulation materials.

The latter focuses on the insulating oil indicators in the transformer. The insulating oil is prone to oxidation and degradation during prolonged use or at high temperatures, resulting in a reduction in the insulating properties of the oil.

The oxidation and deterioration of the resin material can cause blockage of the oil pipes, which requires good local overheating detection, regular cleaning of the transformer oil tank, oil pipes, etc. and replacement with new insulating oil.

A school transformer put into use for a long time, insulation safety risk is high, in order to address both the symptoms and the root cause, in March 2022 the school to carry out a major inspection of transformer insulation performance, for historical fault data, do a good job in the transformer operation process insulation sheath, insulation protection and other performance testing, to determine whether it meets the current stage transformers solution for school safety indicators The transformers are also tested for historical fault data.

At the same time, also combined with the voltage insulation defects, generate key maintenance and replacement items, carry out planned maintenance and replacement, to avoid transformers aging parts, damaged devices, etc. on its safe operation and reliable performance.

Transformers solution for school winding

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Transformer winding faults for school are mainly manifested by overvoltage burnout, short circuits between turns, uneven damage to the winding, discharge to ground, etc.

Often due to lightning strikes after the winding overvoltage, external short circuit after the winding electrodynamic imbalance, technical materials are not in place resulting in winding deformation, improper operational protection caused by insulation damage, etc..

Transformer winding fault types are complex, the process of field testing can use oil chromatography analysis and winding deformation test to determine the winding operating state, analyse whether there are safety risks and timely prevention and control.

Among them, oil chromatography analysis can be based on the main components and gas characteristics to quickly determine the bad situation, easy to operate, high accuracy. transformers solution for school winding fault handling process should be based on daily operation and maintenance control, and constantly improve the transformer low-voltage winding short-circuit resistance, such as strengthening the insulation at the S-bend, between the line cake to increase the cushion, in the core to avoid short circuits between turns or segments caused by overheating and deformation.

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The transformers solution for school has a certain typicality and concentration of fault types. For its maintenance process of common problems, to carry out on-site inspection, determine the cause of the failure, the formation of processing plans, can be the same type of accident occurred after the transformer maintenance quality, enhance the transformer maintenance time efficiency, two-pronged approach, fundamentally enhance the transformers solution for school safety benefits and reliability performance, worth in the future work of in-depth research It is worth studying and expanding in the future.

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