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The Solar Bess Power Plant industry is booming at an alarming rate as the cost of battery production continues to fall and its use in electric utilities and other commercial applications becomes more widespread. In an interview with Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Andrew Oliver, Chief Technology Officer of Renewable Energy Systems, recently analyzed the development trend of Solar Bess Power Plant industry in the coming years and his company’s future development strategy in the field of Solar Bess Power Plant (Renewable Energy Systems is the world’s largest independent renewable energy company, focusing on onshore and offshore wind power, solar thermal power plant and Solar Bess Power Plant and power transmission)

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What is the future trend of Solar Bess Power Plant industry?

In response to the high penetration rate of solar thermal power plants in the grid, the wholesale price of electricity will drop further.

What are the problems in the advancement of the Solar Bess Power Plant for solar power distribution?

It is very impractical to find the optimal cost solution without comparative calculations and necessary coordination between AC coupled systems and DC coupled systems. For AC grids, the DC control ratio, tidal direction, storage ratio of the solar thermal power plant, the number of hours of storage, and the decay and degradation of the lithium example over time are all factors that need to be calculated based on the power purchase agreement All of these factors are needed to calculate the demand for the Solar Bess Power Plant under the power purchase agreement.

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How do you see the supplementation and replacement of peaking units?

More and more electric utilities are realizing that the installed cost of Solar Bess Power Plant equipment can be competitive with traditional thermoelectric peaking units in a shorter run time, and that trend will continue and Solar Bess Power Plant will grow even more. I don’t see more conventional gas peaking units being built in five years.

Solar Bess Power Plant industry, one is solar thermal power plant + Solar Bess Power Plant, and the other is the supplement and replacement of peaking units. From the current situation, basically all independent solar thermal power plants have been equipped or are being equipped with Solar Bess Power Plant systems. In the current electricity market, the Solar Bess Power Plant is paid for its capacity, which is a hedge against utility PPAs (corporate power purchase agreements).

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Bloomberg New Energy Finance has reported that the rise of solar thermal power plants in Texas will have a significant impact on the local power grid, what do you think?

This is already happening in California, as the penetration of solar thermal power plants on the grid gradually strengthens, and system peaks gradually appear in the afternoon. As solar thermal power plant capacity gradually increases, the peak will gradually move toward the evening. So currently the new system peak occurs during the time when the sun goes down and the air conditioners are heavily used. As the solar thermal power plant capacity gradually decreases, the balance of the grid benefits of the Solar Bess Power Plant gradually become apparent.

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How will the future of renewable energy systems companies in the United States develop?

At present, Solar Bess Power Plant’s business development model is gradually diversified. Rather than rushing to develop more new projects, American Renewable Energy Systems is committed to the integration of Solar Bess Power Plant in different utilization modes. We are currently using data model calculations to provide the best solution for the design and construction of indoor Solar Bess Power Plant systems for the demander. It is challenging to properly measure and calculate the capacity of a Solar Bess Power Plant. If the capacity of a Solar Bess Power Plant is over-installed, it can cause a reduction in system economics; conversely, if the capacity is too small, the system will not provide power for long enough to support the entire energy use process. Our current Solar Bess Power Plant calculations are based on a 20-year time horizon.

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Will lithium batteries remain the technology leader for the next decade, or even 20 years? Are there potential competitors in the Solar Bess Power Plant space?

We do not see any impact on the dominance of Li-ion batteries in the next two to three years. The challenge posed by any competing technology is to achieve similar performance targets at a better price.

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What is the current status and outlook for the development of different types of lithium batteries?

Even within the lithium battery family, there are several different chemistry types – two of which are NCM, or nickel – cobalt – manganese; and LFP, or lithium phosphate – iron. the energy density of NCM is higher, but based on commodity prices, especially cobalt, which has risen from $15 to $35, this has increased the price of the technology relative to lithium phosphate – iron. Iron-Lithium Phosphate (LFP) has increased in price. Despite the lower energy density of LFP, when all the statistical calculations are done it turns out that the costs of the two technologies end up being essentially similar.

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Is solar power with Solar Bess Power Plant the main direction for the future of the electric Solar Bess Power Plant industry? Will the development of electric vehicles give the Solar Bess Power Plant industry more room for development?

The development of electric vehicles has indeed driven the development of fixed charging and switching equipment, while driving the scale of production in the manufacturing industry, and giving the Solar Bess Power Plant industry the opportunity to be able to reduce production costs. In solar power plants, Solar Bess Power Plant will need to be replenished over time, and solar power plant operators will have a choice of different suppliers to complement the original system. The electric vehicle and battery industries are mutually reinforcing and complementary.

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What is the current competitive landscape of the Solar Bess Power Plant industry?

To date, we have 250 MW of Solar Bess Power Plant systems in place in four countries, with several very large projects underway.

Continuing to invest in our control platform to provide more customer solutions is our recipe for leadership. We are more focused on technology development, while other companies are “tied” to equipment production. Of course, if you work with companies from the same volume, you expand your profit margin. Solar Bess Power Plant is currently growing rapidly in the utility sector and beyond, and this momentum will continue. Just a few years ago, the 10 MW Solar Bess Power Plant project was already considered a huge undertaking, and in recent years, utilities are demanding 30 MW, 50 MW, and even 100 MW of Solar Bess Power Plant to join the system. New York State recently announced the construction of 1.5 GW Solar Bess Power Plant project, while in California, Solar Bess Power Plant procurement is also continuing to grow.

Current trends indicate that there are several potential scenarios for Solar Bess Power Plant use: transmission and distribution delays, frequency regulation, and peak charge reduction. At the same time, some CHP operators are demanding the addition of Solar Bess Power Plant equipment to enhance their existing generation capacity – enabling them to quickly enter the frequency regulation and peaking market to capture ancillary service revenues through better regulation rates. These emerging markets and the widespread use of Solar Bess Power Plant in multiple sectors give us confidence that Solar Bess Power Plant will thrive.

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How is the power generated by solar solar thermal power plant that is located in Australia?

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Solar thermal power plant that is being built in Australia is in the in the early stages of its development. This is due in part to the cost of the technology when compared to the more well-established methods of energy from renewable sources.

Australia currently has one huge-scale solar thermal power plant, one 9.3 milliwatt facility that is being added to the Liddell coal-fired power station in NSW. With an area of around 18,490 square metres The linear Fresnel array is used to heat water for the power station that is coal-fired.

Although it is true that the power generated by solar isn’t thought of as an ideal storage solution in the near term but it could have an important role in the future when the price of this technology decreases and the adoption of renewable grows.

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