Electric Pole Transformer Plus Safety Belt Hanging Bracket Approach

The installation of pole transformer is widely used in the installation of integrated distribution transformers in rural areas due to the saving of land and construction materials and the convenience of inspection and maintenance. Distribution transformer capacity in the 50 to 315 kVA is usually used double pole type distribution pedestal, that is, by 2 poles into H-shaped assembly, two poles between the channel steel for crossbeam connection, crossbeam installed distribution transformer, crossbeam under the installation of integrated distribution box, so the distribution box is called electric pole transformer.

electric pole transformer from 380 volts into the line connection end to the line connection end, the device has into the fuse type disconnecting switch, electric energy meter, current transformer and other equipment, is a reduced board of low-voltage distribution house.

To ensure the safe operation of the column transformer, the beam is required to be no less than 3.4 meters from the ground. When the electric pole transformer is installed on the column, the operating switch and other equipment inside is about 3 meters from the ground. When operating the switch outage, personnel need to climb to a height of about 2 meters with a ladder before they can operate the switch and other equipment.

According to the relevant electric power safe working regulations, when working on scaffolding without scaffolding or on scaffolding without railing, the height exceeds 1.5 meters, safety belt should be used, or other reliable safety measures should be taken. However, the electric pole transformer currently installed and put into operation does not have a bracket that can be hung with a safety belt when the switch is operated, and this is a defect of equipment installation.

In order to eliminate the equipment installation defect of electric pole transformer, on the basis of actual working practice, propose the specific method that electric pole transformer should be equipped with operation safety belt hanging bracket. That is, select 2 pieces of 30 cm long 6×60 three-hole joint board from the electric line fixture material, and then select 1 piece of 50 cm long 6×60 five-hole joint board, plus 4 bolts of 16×40.

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Electric Pole Transformer Bracket Specific Installation Steps:

First, the selected 3 pieces of joint board each edge for fine inspection, can not have sharp edges along, to prevent the use of scratching staff, while strengthening its maintenance, do a good job of anti-rust treatment, etc.

Second, the two 30 cm long 6 × 60 three-hole joint board end, respectively, with 16 × 40 bolts installed in the beam to fix the transformer with the outer end of the clamp steel (the clamp steel outer end has extra bolt holes).

Third, in two 30 cm long 6 × 60 three holes on the other end of the joint plate with 16 × 40 bolts installed respectively, the 50 cm long 6 × 60 five-hole joint plate.

Three pieces of joint board with bolt connection formed a rectangular frame, it becomes electric pole transformer side of the operation safety belt hanging bracket, to the other side of the bracket also use the same method of installation.

Use method

When the operator needs to operate the switch to stop the power supply, wear the safety belt according to the specification, climb to about 2 meters height with the ladder to be able to operate to the switch as appropriate, hang the safety belt on the bracket, and then open the box door to operate the switch, thus eliminating the defect of the equipment installation after the installation of electric pole transformer, avoiding or because of the comprehensive distribution box in the small animal pan dwelling to make a nest, when opening the box door It avoids the accident of fall caused by the uncertain dangerous factors such as the operation touching the electrically charged part, thus improving the safety production efficiency of the distribution equipment.

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