8000 kVA Transformer

When you need to know how much amperage a machine or device needs, you will typically use kilowatts (KW) to measure the amount of electricity needed for its day-to-day operations. The conversion from KW to amps is simply 1/1000th of 1 KWH, so an 8000 KVA transformer will produce 80000 amps at its maximum output power level.

The 8000 KVA transformer is a type of three-phase electrical transformer. It is one of the largest transformers in the world. This type of transformer has been in operation for over half a century and is still prevalent today. When you need to know how much amperage a machine or device needs, you will typically use kilowatts (KW) to measure the amount of electricity needed for its day-to-day operations. The conversion from KW to amps is simply 1/1000th of 1 KWH, so an 8000 KVA transformer will produce 80000 amps at its maximum output power level.

8000 kVA Transformer

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Why Choose Daelim 8000kVA Transformer?

The magnitude of electrical power that a transformer is rated in kilovolts-amperes is the most commonly used rating system (KVA). It refers to the amount of energy that can be supplied over a period of one hour. Most transformers are rated at 1,000kVA and can supply a maximum current of 10,000 amps.

Daelim offers various kinds of KVA-rated transformers including 8000Kva units. They also offer a wide range of voltages for your satisfaction as well as an optimal quality assurance system to make sure that Daelim stays reliable for you.

8000kVA single-phase transformer is fully enclosed, pre-painted and factory tested. Heavy duty & compact design: fully enclosed to protect the product from water, dust, dirt, and other adverse conditions. Space-saving design with short height for easy installation. Wide application: Primarily used for high peak electrical power applications in industries, offices, and residences such as data centers, banks, hospitals, or for clean power systems, etc.

Tested in strict accordance with international standards to ensure full functionality as per its rated value, provides excellent service life, and reliable performance under rough operating conditions. Non-corroding does not rust or corrode even when exposed to harsh environments and corrosive gas environments such as hydrochloric acid in factories, saltwater in dockyards, etc. The cover is made of flame retardant plastic material to minimize the risk of fire during installation and operation.

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How Does a Transformer Work?

8000kVA Transformer Specification

An 8000 KVA power transformer converts electric energy from the current in one circuit to another. The primary of a transformer consists of a coil carrying an electric current which induces electromagnetic waves in the secondary coil of wire. 

A device used for changing alternating-current (AC) electricity to direct-current (DC) electricity is called a rectifier. On the other hand, when AC voltage is changed to alternating current, it is called an inverter or converter.

An 8000 KVA transformer’s voltage ratio typically includes two standards, one for the secondary windings and one for the primary windings. Before selecting a transformer type, verify that the required voltage and current ratings are within the given ranges. Previously, several key voltages were used to operate electromechanical devices, including 60Hz or 50Hz alternating current (AC) or direct-current (DC), and 400 volts. 

Today’s technology has replaced many of these voltages with higher or lower alternatives; however, it is still important that a transformer have appropriate ratings to carry either alternating currents or direct currents without risk of damage to itself or components connected to it.

The basic function of an 8000kVA transformer is to change the voltage between two AC circuits. When the voltage ratio of the primary to secondary coils is high enough, the transformer acts as a step-up transformer; when it is lower, it acts as a step-down transformer. Transformers are made in many different shapes and sizes for all types of applications. 

One type of common use for 8000kVA transformers is the stepping up or stepping down of voltages in order to power electrical devices that need more or less voltage than what is available at their point of use. Another common use would be transferring power from one voltage level to another.

In an induction transformer, magnetic fields are created in a transformer core. This can be done by moving a wire through a magnetic field or by having a magnetic field move through the wire. Moving through is the most common way of generating fields in transformers. In order to create the opposite direction of the current in the secondary coil, a reversed voltage polarity must be induced in it.

An 8000 KVA step-up power transformer could have several secondary coils. Each of these coils would have an individual load connected to them in order to avoid overloading any one coil. A step-down transformer may only have one secondary coil because it acts as an individual unit and thus only has one load connected to it.

Transformer manufacturers are the most demanded power-distribution machine suppliers in the world. There are very few transformer manufacturers, but those which exist have a huge market share. They produce transformers for almost any application, from traction to heating; from industry to households. To meet the needs of their high market demand, they need more and more reliable power-distribution systems with greater capacity every year.

Transformer 8000kVA: How does it work?

Transformer 8000kVA is an electrical transformer that can help industrial companies to solve their problems in the fields of power supply and voltage system control. This power transformer generates 8,000kVA and has a frequency-locked output, which allows it to deliver steady voltage and prevent electronic devices from getting damaged due to pulsating electricity. On the other hand, this technology can also be used at the consumer level for domestic use. 

Basically, Transformer 8000kVA generates electricity in the form of a rotating magnetic field which is sent through windings inside the transformer core and then gets converted into DC electricity. Also, the output voltage is adjusted whilst increasing the overall frequency of output. Once the desired frequency and voltage are achieved, a signal is sent to coils surrounding the core on both sides and thus locking it in place. After this process has been completed, a steady voltage is produced.

The transformer is made up of two parts, a core and a secondary. The core is made up of six transformer cores which are connected in series so that one can produce 8kva. Moreover, the frequency-locked circuit can produce voltage rated on the basis of the phase-locked loop by managing the currents based on dynamic regulation and matching them up to the frequency selected.

Key Components and How an 8000Kva Transformer Works

Transformer 8000kVA

Transformer Core

The largest component inside a transformer is its core. It is made up of winding wires which help in converting AC voltage into DC voltage. It also has a core made up of 6 cores which are connected in series. This helps in producing 8kVA continuously.


Transformer 8000KVA is made up of 6 sets of windings that are connected to the core through taps and these are designed so as to deliver high voltage.

The windings which surround the transformer core can be connected in 3 different ways depending upon the output voltage required. Since this transformer produces 8,000 kVA, it is made up of 6 sets of windings where each winding has numerous taps on them.

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Transformer 8000kVA generates an enormous amount of voltage which needs to be grounded safely. It has a built-in metal shield as a part of its safety mechanism in order to prevent each wire from letting any unwanted voltage pass through them.

Guard ring

Transformer 8000kVA is made up of 6 T-shaped core which is connected through a guard ring and this helps in grounding the windings. Guard ring surrounds the secondary of the transformer core and thereby grounding all windings.

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Transformer 8000kVA has two different secondaries where one is made up of two stators and the other is made up of four transformers. The primary winding is connected to the top and bottom ends of the transformer through which current flows and then gets converted into an electromagnetic field.

8000 kva transformer Functions


On the top shaft of the Transformer, there are 4 stators that are connected to each other at the periphery. These stators help in controlling the flow of current in all the windings on both sides. Also, they help in sealing the windings to each other.

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The windings on Transformer are connected to the core via taps and these are designed so as to deliver high voltage.

Synchronous Rectifier

Voltage is generated on Transformer which can be converted from AC into DC by using a synchronous rectifier.

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How many types of 8000 kva transformer?

Types Of 8000kVA Transformer

The wiring configuration of a transformer is defined by its primary and secondary wiring. The 8000kVA primary-wiring system is often referred to as the “primary side” and the secondary-wiring system as the “secondary side”. The 8000kVA primary wire typically carries high-voltage alternating current (AC) power between transformers within a power plant, while the secondary wire carries direct current (DC) from one transformer to another. The primary and secondary nodes are also referred to as “ends” or “terminals.” 

The three basic types of setups for transformers are:

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Three Phase Configuration

8000kVA Three-phase currents in all three wires feed into each other. The 8000kVA three phases are of equal wire size and are connected in parallel. A transformer will give a three-phase current, therefore, the same voltage (voltage multiplied by the number of windings) is created from each winding, and the same power is produced from each winding. A three-phase transformer will have a power factor of 1.

Single Phase Configuration

There is only one wire with a single-phase feeding into another and all other outputs of this transformer have no phase. The power produced by this 8000kVA configuration is directly proportional to the current passing through it at that time and not to any voltage tap. This is called “single-phase voltage”.

Single Phase with Delta Configuration

Single-phase configuration is connected to the other phase with a delta. This allows power from the primary and secondary phases to be used separately. It is also known as “three-wire, wye-delta”. The power produced by this 8000kVA configuration is inversely proportional to the current passing through it at that time, and directly proportional to the voltage (volts) tapped off its output at that time.

Connections may be used to meld two transformers into one

A “split-phase” transformer is when the primary connection is made in such a way that the two phases are connected together, but they are not connected to each other (for example, where the secondary winding’s neutral or ground connection connects directly to the primary winding’s neutral/ground), in order to maintain a balanced topology. It allows for easy management and control of the earth’s potential at both ends. Each phase will have its own separate earth wire but will share a common neutral point through which power can be transferred from one phase to another.

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What are the specifications of 8000 kva transformer?

Daelim 8000kVA Transformer

8000 kva Three Phase Two Winding OLTC Power Transformer

Application110kv Class OLTC Power Transformer
Rated Power 8000 kva
High Voltage121 / 110kv
Connection SymbolYNd11
No-load Loss12000 W
Short Circuit Impendence10.5
No load Current0.80%
On-load Loss45000 W
8000kVA Transformer

8000 kva Three Phase Two Winding NLTC Power Transformer

Application110kv Class Power NLTC Transformer
Rated Power 8000 kva
High Voltage121 / 110kv
Connection SymbolYNd11
No-load Loss9000W
Short Circuit Impendence10.5
No load Current0.69%
On-load Loss42500W


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