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Daelim 1500 kVA ~ 2500 kVA Transformer provides a variety of different options, in line with IEC726, GB/T10228-1997, IEC, ANSI, IEEE, GOST, and other standards. They are 3 phase transformer, a 1500 kva dry type transformer, and a Full-sealed Distribution Transformer. They are designed to be used in heavy load centers and places with special fire protection requirements, industrial and agricultural power transmission and distribution and other places. Daelim has 15 years of experience in this industry, and our professional installation team can provide local installation services in your country. And we can also provide you with intimate customized services, and produce the 1500 kVA  Transformer for you according to the standards of your country.

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1500 kVA Transformer 2000 kVA: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is 1500 kVA Transfomer?

The 1500 kVA transformer is among the standard ratings of transformers. Professionals commonly use this rating for small to medium voltage applications. Plenty of these applications include residential up to medium-scale industrial use. This article by Daelim will be discussing everything you need to know about 1500 kVA transformers.

Daelim is the leading Chinese brand for electrical solutions. They offer quality products within an affordable price range. Because of this, within just a few years, Daelim has already established itself as one of the top-performing electrical manufacturers locally and worldwide. Therefore, if you need an electrical solution, you can always count on Daelim.

What is the price of 2500 kVA Transformer?

When it comes to transformers, finding the right capacity is key. The 2500 kVA transformer is a popular choice for various applications, from industrial to commercial use. In this article, we will explore the prices of 2500 kVA transformers offered by different suppliers. So, let’s take a closer look at the price range for these powerful electrical transformers!

Flow Chart: Understanding the Price Breakdown

To gain clarity on the price breakdown, let’s begin with a visual representation. The flow chart below showcases different types of 2500 kVA transformers along with their respective prices from various suppliers. This chart will help you compare the options available and make an informed decision.

Flow Chart: Price Breakdown of 2500 kVA Transformers
Flow Chart: Price Breakdown of 2500 kVA Transformers


Bar Chart: Price Comparison of 2500 kVA Transformers

Now, let’s dive into a bar chart that presents a clear comparison of the prices for 2500 kVA transformers from different suppliers. This visual representation will allow you to grasp the variations in prices more easily, aiding you in finding the best deal.

Bar Chart: Price Comparison of 2500 kVA Transformers

Price Table: A Detailed Overview

To provide a comprehensive overview, here is a table presenting the prices of 2500 kVA transformers from various suppliers:

SupplierTransformer TypePrice
Daelim BeleficSingle-phase and Three-phase Pad Mounted TransformerVariable
Daelim TransformerSingle-phase and Three-phase Pad Mounted TransformerVariable
IndiaMartDry Type Transformer₹ 12 Lakh
IndiaMartPower TransformerPrice on Request
IndiaMartElectrical Power Transformer₹ 3.50 Lakh
Made-in-China22kv 33kv 2500kVA 3000 kVA Power Transformer Dry Type Three PhaseUS $1,000/piece (min. order of 5 pieces)
ELSCO Transformers500 – 2500 KVA TransformersCall for a quote

Comparative Analysis and Conclusion

In conclusion, the prices of 2500 kVA transformers can vary depending on the transformer type, supplier, and specific requirements. The table above provides a glimpse into the price range offered by different suppliers. Daelim Belefic and Daelim Transformer offer single-phase and three-phase pad-mounted transformers with variable pricing.

For those seeking dry-type transformers, IndiaMart offers one priced at ₹ 12 Lakh, along with a power transformer with a price available on request. Additionally, IndiaMart presents an electrical power transformer priced at ₹ 3.50 Lakh.

If you’re considering a Made-in-China transformer, a 22kv 33kv 2500 kVA 3000 kVA power transformer is available for US $1,000 per piece (with a minimum order of 5 pieces). Alternatively, ELSCO Transformers offers 500 – 2500 KVA transformers, with pricing available upon request.

It’s crucial to consider factors beyond price when choosing a 2500 kVA transformer. Quality, reliability, and compatibility with your electrical system are all vital considerations. It’s advisable to consult with suppliers, thoroughly research your options, and find the best fit for your specific requirements.

“The best price is not always the best deal. Quality, reliability, and compatibility should also be taken into account.” – Anonymous

We hope this comprehensive overview of the price range for 2500 kVA transformers has provided valuable insights. When making your decision, make sure to evaluate your specific needs and consider factors beyond price.

Disclaimer: Prices mentioned in this article are subject to change. Please consult the suppliers for the most up-to-date pricing information.

Happy shopping, and may you find the perfect 2500 kVA transformer that meets all your requirements efficiently and effectively!

Transformer 1500 kVA And Its Function

Transformer 1500 kVA is specifically intended to cater within a load span. The unit kVA means kilovolts-amperes which represents the apparent power of the transformer. Thus, the rating 1500 kVA implies that this transformer can hold any apparent power below 1500 kVA.

However, thresholds to consider in the electrical industry may affect the transformer’s power holding capacity. So, always consult your local manufacturer or expert in verifying this matter. Besides, manufacturers have variances in creating their transformers. With this comes the same differences in its capacity and other specifications. You may want to take that into account before buying one.

A 1500 kVA transformer can be step-up or step-down, which indicates the relationship of voltage input to the voltage output. Step-up transformers mean that the voltage output should be greater than its input, thus “step-up”. Meanwhile, the opposite happens with “step-down” transformers, where the output voltage is lower than the input.

Kindly note that the transformer can convert only the voltage. Don’t confuse electrical power with voltage as they are different units in electricity. Volts measure the voltage while watt represents electrical power.

1500 kVA Transformer 2500 kVA Transformer

1500 kVA Transformer Specifications

Different transformer ratings have different application thresholds. Below are the common value ranges and specifications that a 1500 kVA transformer can withhold.


Ampacity is the ampere capacity of a transformer. Ampere represents the electrical current which is the rate at which charges flow.

As for the 1500 kva dry type transformer it has the following ampacity below. Kindly note that these ampacities are based on a three-phase system. This is due to higher ratings like 1500 kVA are typically designed into three-phase systems.

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Volts to Ampere Ratio for Three-Phase 1500 kVA Transformer

208 V : 4163.70 Amps
240V : 3608.54
480V : 1804.27
600V : 1443.42
2400V : 360.85
4160V : 208.19

For whatever reason you may need a single-phase 1500 kVA transformer, please consult your local manufacturer. The Single-phase type for this rating is doubtful due to efficiency reasons.

Phase Type

There are two prevailing phase types in the market which are single and three-phase type systems. The distinction between the two underlies within the number winding in their cores. Single-phase transformers have two windings or coils that transform voltages. They only have an input and an output coil designed to perform the function.

On the other hand, three-phase have a three coil system. Manufacturers space these coils together at approximately 120 degrees. This configuration, called “delta”, converts voltages by rotating them within the magnetic field. The output is then distributed through 3 output lines.

As for the 1500 kVA transformer, it is typically designed for a three-phase system. It is a standard for higher transformers ratings to be designed as such due to efficiency and cost concerns.

Cooling Type

We can categorize transformer cooling types as dry-type, oil-cooled, or a mix of both. Commonly, dry-type cooling works for small rating transformers, while oil-cooled is more suitable for higher ratings.

The 1500 kVA transformer classifies as a medium to high voltage transformer, making oil-cooling more suitable for it. However, certain cases might require the need for a dry-type variant. For this, below are some of the key distinctions between the two cooling types. The following factors are to be considered in whatever application.

Single Phase Systems:

1. Very resistive to contaminants because of the non-fluid cooling design.

2. 1500 kva dry type transformer has higher operating costs and a shorter lifespan.

3. 1500 kva dry type transformer is typically “noisier” compared to oil types.

4. This transformer type has a minimal recycling possibility.

5. Dry-type transformers can come in massive units with limited size and voltage. Thus, this type is more at risk for overheating if an overload occurs. Furthermore, these conditions also cause concerns for energy loss, higher maintenance expenses, and storage space.

6. As for voltages, dry types can only handle small to medium loads for the reasoning mentioned above.

7. Location is typically the determining factor in picking which transformer type to use. 1500 kva dry type transformer is more environmentally safe as it poses fewer risks for fire hazards. This makes it ideal for near or within building installations like inside shopping malls, multistorey apartments, and the like.

Three-Phase Sytems:

1. Oil-type transformers are more maintenance intensive. The oil content shall undergo regular checking for contaminants.

2. These types have higher performance and energy efficiency. Due to this, oil cooling systems last longer. Thus, significantly reducing possible costs in procuring additional replacement units.

3. Oil-type transformers operate within the lower sound levels. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about noise pollution even if the operation involves batches of these transformers.

4. In terms of recyclability, oil-cooled stands superior. It boasts a longer lifespan and easier maintenance, resulting in low waste and replaceability requirements. Furthermore, oil-cooled cores have higher possibilities for reclamation or reuse.

5. Oil-type transformers are more efficient and can be significantly smaller than their counterparts. Consequently, it occupies less space for installation or mounting. Morever, this type can handle drastically higher amounts of loads. The reason why higher transformer ratings are recommended is to have this type of cooling.

6. As for the voltages, oil-type can handle heavier electrical loads. This is due to the efficiency of its cooling and size possibility. Imagine how massive transformers can be in higher ratings if they only come in dry type.

7. Oil-type can be more efficient; however, its oil content can pose a fire hazard under certain conditions. Thus, it is typically installed within separate shelters or just simply outside because of such reasons.

What is 2500 kVA Transfomer?

DAELIM’S 2500 kVA transformers use only the latest technologies in various parts and components. These parts have the best design and are processed using safe manufacturing standards to guarantee top performance.

Daelim’s expertise in good-quality, efficient electric products has made the company the top choice for high-phase distribution transformers like the 2500 kVA transformer. Their products adhere to strict industry standards and possess cutting-edge features for easy customization. Anything you need to know about transformers, you can find in their catalog.

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Transformer 2500 kVA And Its Function

There are many types of transformers, and the two most prominent ones are generator transformers and distribution transformers. The transformer 2500 kVA is a distribution transformer. Its primary function is to distribute electricity to consumers from a high-voltage system to a low-voltage network of distribution lines. When it comes to design, distribution transformers are liquid-filled or dry-type.

Oil Type vs. Dry Type Transformer 2500 kVA

2500 kVA transformers are available in oil-type units. This type of transformer can carry high voltages and distribute this to communities, neighborhoods, or commercial areas. It needs a particular cooling system to dissipate heat and work safely and efficiently in different industries.

Aside from the 2500 kVA oil-type or liquid-type transformer, there is also a dry-type transformer. In a liquid-type 2500 kVA, oil is used to cool the transformer field. In dry-type units, a unique cooling system is used to keep the transformer temperatures at optimum levels.

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Oil Type 2500 kVA Transformer

1500 kVA Power Transformer 2500 kVA Transformer

Oil-type distribution transformers like the 2500 kVA require regular maintenance to ensure that it works properly. There is a considerable risk of contamination of the oil used in cooling the transformer, so regular tests are necessary.

2500 kVA oil-type transformers have higher maintenance costs as contamination tests are done regularly by trained experts using special equipment. However, these transformers have a longer lifespan thanks to their high energy efficiency.

These transformers are quieter and thus, may be installed in residential areas and communities. When it comes to recyclability, oil-type units are easier to reclaim and recycle as these have higher life spans. Oil-filled units produce minimal waste and need very minimal parts replacement and labor.

2500 kVA oil-type transformers are smaller and more efficient compared to 1500 kva dry type transformer units. Oil-cooled units require minimal demand and have a lower environmental footprint.

When it comes to efficiency, oil-cooled 2500 kVA distribution transformers can take heavier loads. This is why applications that need high voltages use oil-filled transformers. The location plays a vital role in determining which type of transformer will work best.

Oil-cooled units are standard in outdoor areas as there is a possibility of spills and leakage, which could start a fire. This type of transformer is environmentally friendly compared to dry-type units.

Dry Type 2500 kVA transformer

1500 kva dry type transformer are standard inside buildings or near structures because these pose less risk to the environment. It does not need any regular testing and is resistant to common chemical contaminants and thus, requires very little maintenance.

Meanwhile, dry-type 2500 kVA units are more expensive to maintain and operate than oil-filled units but have shorter life spans. This type of transformer tends to be very noisy. Therefore, these are considered not installed in a neighborhood or community.

Most dry-type transformer systems with 2500 kVA are harder to recycle, and thus, broken or outdated models end up in landfills and scrapyards. Because dry-type units have moving parts like the cooling system, there is the need to deal with parts replacement and expert maintenance personnel.

These dry systems are more extensive compared to oil-type units but have limited voltage and size. This is why dry-type systems are prone to overheating in case of an overload. Companies that use dry-type systems usually have high electrical losses and are very expensive to maintain.

When it comes to other transformer features, 2500 kVA dry-type transformers are best for moderate MVA and voltage ratings, and thus, these are common in low-scale applications. Finally, dry-type units are not as flammable as oil-type systems and therefore are low fire risks.

Summary of Comparison

Whether you’re a small electrical distributor or a large-scale operator, understanding the advantages of 2500 kVA oil-type and dry-type systems matters. This will ensure your company’s safety and efficiency. You can guarantee safer electrical loads, less worries about breakdowns, and better customer satisfaction when you use the right type of transformer.

Transformer Maintenance

The 2500 kVA dry-type transformers require very little maintenance, whereas oil-type units need regular oil contaminant testing but are safer and more efficient. 

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Initial and Operating Costs

Expect higher installation and parts replacement costs with dry-type units compared to oil-filled 2500 kVA systems. However, oil-type units need regular maintenance that may also increase operating costs overall.

Environmental Noise

When it comes to noise, oil-type units are not as noisy as dry transformers as oil protects the transformer’s components and prevents any friction. Dry-type units have moving parts and will eventually suffer from wear and tear. Older units will become noisier and noisier unless the parts are replaced.

Transformer Recyclability

Oil-type 2500 kVA transformers are easier to recycle and have lasting parts and components than dry-type transformers. Once dry-type systems become outdated or are no longer serviceable, the parts are thrown away as these are harder to recycle or repair. Oil-type transformers last longer and can be maintained for longer periods.

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Overall Efficiency

2500 kVA oil-type units are more efficient and thus, can handle large voltages and higher electrical loads compared to dry-type transformers. These are the reasons why most industries prefer to use oil-type units rather than dry-type transformers. 

Location Safety

The type of transformer you need for your business or industry will depend on your location. Companies that provide service to communities, residential areas, and small to medium-scale customers have different transformer requirements than those that serve small industries, commercial centers, and other industries.

Consulting a specialist will help you better understand the right transformer that matches your industry. Always consider safety before anything when it comes to electrical distribution and efficiency.

Typical Applications for a 2500 kVA Transformer

A transformer 2500 kVA is a distribution transformer. As the name suggests, this type of transformer helps distribute electrical power safely and efficiently from a source. There are different types of transformers according to the distribution system. These are single-phase, three-phase, underground, pole-mounted, and pad-mounted transformers.

Oil-type distribution transformers are available in many sizes and different efficiencies. Clients choose 2500 kVA units according to their electrical requirements and their budgets.

  • Single Phase Transformer – single-phase units are used in distributing electricity in residential areas. This is also used in light industrial and commercial spaces.
  • Three-Phase Transformer – this unit holds electricity coming from the primary circuit going to a minor circuit. This is common in commercial and residential areas as well as light industries.
  • Pad-Mounted transformer – this system reduces primary voltage for customers housed in a large building or an apartment complex.
  • Pole Mounted Transformer – these are mounted on a service pole and are common in rural areas.

How Much Oil Is in a 1500 Kva Transformer?

Typical designs of 1500 kVA transformers can handle 1,200 liters of oil. However, do note that variations can occur depending on the manufacturer. So, always check the specification of the product you are in prospect of buying.

How Do You Calculate Kva for a Transformer?

Calculating the kVA is necessary for verifying what transformer rating you need. In some cases, requirements such as amperes or volts are specified instead of kVA. Understanding the conversion methods will be handy in given situations. Below is the method of kVA computation that is differentiated between single-phase and three-phase systems.

  • Determine the Load Voltage (Volts)
  • Check the load current (Amperes)
  • Check line voltage
  • Then verify your use, whether it is single or three phases. Formula to use:

Single-Phase: Volts x Amps /100 = kVA

Three-Phase: Volts x Amps x 1.732 /100 = kVA

If the kVA of the load is equal to or less than 1500kVA, then the transformer 1500kVA fits the job. The transformer kVA should always have leeway for current requirements and possible future expansions

How Many Amps is a 2500 kVA Transformer?

A 2500 kVA needs 6014 A. Dry-type units can handle only minor to moderate MVA as well as a voltage which makes these handy to use in smaller electrical applications. Meanwhile, oil-type transformers are able to handle heavier electrical loads and need higher voltages.

How Much Does a 2500 kVA Transformer Weigh?

For a 2500 kVA unit with a 2.5 MVA rating, the empty weight is about 8000 kg while the total weight is up to 7500 kg.

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What Is the Oil Capacity of a 2500 kVA Transformer?

A 2500 kVA system with a 2.5 MVA rating has an oil capacity of 250 liters. Oil-type transformers use high-quality, high-grade transformer oils that can handle all kinds of climate conditions. 


2500 kVA transformers are efficient and are ready for use in many residential, commercial and industrial areas. 2500 kVA distribution transformers are made to last and are best for demanding environments.
Daelim’s Edge+ Advantage helps serve all types of clients under multiple standards. The company delivers top-level transformer products considering all applications and under strict deadlines. With professional guidance, you will surely find the transformer that suits your industry’s needs.

Understanding how the 1500 kVa transformer works allows you to deal with its applications better. Therefore, you can select a transformer unit suitable for your needs. This can save you the hassle and expenses in the long run. Indeed, taking time to learn about the product beforehand can help you avoid several issues later on.

Ultimately, the product should come from a reputable brand attested by years of experience and expertise. Purchase only from a trusted manufacturer that offers durable yet affordable units. The cost should not compromise the quality of the product.

With a decade of good field reputation, you can never go wrong with Daelim. As mentioned, Daelim Belefic is the leading brand of transformer manufacturer in China. If in search of a quality 1500 kva dry type transformer or other electrical components, look no further; Daelim has it.

Daelim Belafic is your innovative and reliable partner for electrical products and solutions. Contact us today for further inquiries or collaboration.

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